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Take your networking game to the next level with a electronic businesscard. A fast, easy and effective way to share your contact information

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Share what’s important with a single tab on a phone.

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With these cards, you can easily share your contact information and more with just a tap. Here are some ways that electronic businesscards can help you let people know who you are.

Share & download contact information

Just a tap and you are connected, making it more likely that the other person will remember you and follow up and a good way to off your tech-savviness

Share you're social media channels

Let you're connections stay in touch with you across all of your social channels and stengthen your network

Calendar booking – Via Calendly

Let people book you for a meeting

Using Calendly can easily show your calendar availability and let user book you for a meeting

Choose your business card and have it delivered to your doorstep.

If you would like to stand out even more, then we can offer you a tailored businesscard with various options for adding a logo, QR code and much more.

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Get a tailored card with a custom design

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